Progress of soon to be thinner me....

05 February 2010

Day 35 Feeling Groovy...

That's right...feeling groovy! I think I can almost see the faint outline of a collarbone this morning...especially if I lift my neck high. It's true...and my pants are quite loose! Rarely do I say this, but...I can hardly weight..oops...wait *S* to step on the scale tomorrow!

It's been a good week...even with the occasional cheat. I did sneak a small piece of raspberry cheesecake brownie at work the other day. Just a bite. But I stopped there. I told myself just one piece! Yeah me!

The temptations at the patisserie are unimaginable. We have samples set out ALL day and if that's not enough there are always bowls of "end pieces" and "flops" sitting on the table in the lunchroom. I can resist the chocolate. It's not that I don't like chocolate...'cos I do...but I love lemon it's the lemony things that call my name...loudly...far to often. I've learned to push the bowls to the end of the table so they're not staring at me, beckoning me to taste. It's a little like the evil witch from Snow White. Just one bite....

I've also made of point of eating basically the same things for breakfast and lunch. I find the less I think the easier it is for me to follow my plan. I whip up a spinach and feta omelet each egg, two egg whites. I always eat an orange with that because I've read the iron in spinach is absorbed better with vitamin C. (Am I eating too many eggs?) For lunches, it's been salad. Spring greens, though this time around I have baby butter lettuce mixed with spinach and's to nice! I toss a tablespoon of mixed sunflower and pumpkin seeds on top for crunch...a tablespoon of dried cranberries...either a little feta or 1% cottage cheese and then my 1 tsp of Cilanto Lime Dressing, mixed with with 2 tsp. of lime juice. It's working because even that one teaspoon of the dressing is just so flavourful(Stonewall Kitchen for all you's made there! Lucky you!) and the lime juice is enough to coat my greens. I also find the feta or more so the cottage cheese mixes up and makes it all creamy!

About three hours after my breakfast, I have my smoothie. That seems to tide me over until I have lunch which is quite late (2ish). I always have a small baggie (10 to be exact) of unblanched almonds in my pocket for that mid afternoon sugar crave...and a small fruit or raw veggies. I can snack on those as I work.

So dinner is a little more challenging, especially when I come home in starvation mode. I really need to plan better. Make things up in advance. Better yet teach my husband to cook on the days he's home before me! Tonight we're going out for dinner with friends. I'm not at all worried. I don't find eating out a problem because there are lots of options and lots of things I can do to avoid extra fats, etc...dressing on the side...dry toast...baked potato with nothing on it. But I do avoid anything fast food...that seems much harder to adjust.

Time to go...

Hoping you all have a groovy day as well!


  1. Sounds like you finally have your groove going. I think January was a good experiment though, and perhaps what you learned is that you needed to see more results, faster, to keep you inspired. I remember that eating plan well! I lost four pounds in week and felt like I was eating, never mind prepping, food all the time...and so healthy! I've gotten back into my old workout and though my glutes are burning, I feel so much better already! Why did I ever quit?

  2. You are do such a great job! Be super proud of yourself!

  3. It sounds like you are on a roll..Please do not get upset if the scale doesn't reflect it though . Those crafty scales! mine, I've decided is just stuck and likes the # its at. I've got some loose clothes and a collar bone exposed that say otherwise about my progress..
    Anyway, I got a little sad reading about your dry toast and potatoes.......I've been reading a lot about and I personally love baked potatoes. While a lot of diet gurus don't support it, baked potatoes have a lot to offer..and at home you can cover with fat free sour cream, veggies, chili, salsa, low fat cheese , etc etc and have a filling fiber filled meal. Oh, and I am not compensated by the Idaho potatoe association. :)