Progress of soon to be thinner me....

08 February 2010

Day 38 Hurting...

Not horribly. In fact, not to bad at all. A little stiff. Tomorrow will probably be worse. I didn't snowshoe the entire trail...unlike my husband who did it twice! I took a short cut...blazed my own trail, which was probably more work than if I'd followed the beaten path! It was really too cold, even though I broke into a sweat with all the huffing and puffing. I'm never sure how to dress, because I seem to always be cold lately and so I needed to bundle up at the start. By the end my jacket was unzipped and the scarf I had twisted around my neck and face was hanging.

It felt great! I'm going to push myself to do it again tomorrow if it warms up a little. -30C today. Much too chilly (Mr. Soontobeskinnygirl however, is a die hard!)

I'm pretty proud of myself because I've also been forcing myself to keep up with the walking videos. I still can't believe how quickly the 30 minutes go. Lately it seems I just barely begin and it's over. I know eventually I'll have to move on to something more difficult but for now I'm loving them!

This old computer I'm using hasn't any sound...god only knows where it went. So I don't have any audio while I'm following Leslie as she marches to the beat. It doesn't really matter much. I pretty much have her memorized. I do however miss something she says about mid way through the video...I can't quote it word for word but you'll get the jist. She asks if you've ever worked out and asked yourself why you did, because you didn't like it. Then she goes on to say that you ALWAYS feel great after doing it. It's true for me....I wonder if it's true for you too?


  1. I started the exercise for my challenge with my husband today. i stuck to it, even though it hurt.....and once finished, felt AMAZING!!! Good for you, have the hubby give you a nice rub down.......:)

  2. true for me! working out gives me such a high afterwards.. my body feels better, i sleep better, and i just feel proud of myself for kicking butt! (:

  3. i have some of leslies dvds husband and I talk along with the dvd when she talks to the other people in her cast