Progress of soon to be thinner me....

04 February 2010

Day 35 The Right Plan for the Right Person

I'll make this quick. I'm using the dinosaur (it's roaring away here as I type). At least I have SOMETHING in the way of a computer. Because mine was down, I haven't done my walking video for a few days. Yes I know what you're thinking..."you could have done something else". True enough. Walking outside is a bit of a pain because we have so much snow and ummmm...well, I don't have winter boots (yes I DO live in Canada and it's true that it not only gets cold but BLOODY cold...but even then most of us don't dress properly for winter). So back at it today. I don't have any sound (for some reason this old thing doesn't have it anymore), but I pretty much know it off by heart now anyway.

I cheated a little yesterday. I brought home a roasted chicken from the grocery store and I was starving by the time I got home. So I didn't measure...I ate chicken and more chicken. I also had a salad with it, though I didn't measure the dressing, which I feel terribly guilty about. I did weigh myself this morning. I have to admit to doing it daily even when I know I shouldn't! :-( But....this morning I was down even more, so now instead of sulking about my cheats, I'm feeling inspired once again!

I'm following this diet that I bought a year or so ago. Well, not so much diet but eating plan. It's by a Canadian MD. Precision Nutrition. Its all about eating every 3 or 4 hours...always including a protein with a "feed" and a lot of veggies or fruit. It reads a lot like a body building plan, and for some it is, but he makes some good points about why we need more protein and less carbs...or at least eat the carbs after you've exercised. I've said before that I'm not against eating carbs in the way of veggies or fruits...not even so much in the way of whole grain pastas, and cereals. It's the bread for me. I honestly do really well following the plan. I mean REALLY well (hopefully Saturday will tell the tale!). It does feel like you're eating all the time...and seriously a "feed" is so appropriate because it's definitely that! Sometimes it's hard to do at work. I forget what time it is...miss a it late...hence the hunger last night.

I don't think there's a trick to losing the pounds. We all know that. I do believe though it's finding the right plan for you. Maybe this is mine?

I'm going to set my alarm on my cell phone today. When that bell strikes, I'm going to pull my Four Berry Smoothie (soy milk, mixed frozen berries, protein powder and greens plus) from the fridge and drink it. On time. No excuses.

I'm off to make my smoothie...take my vitamins and drink my water...

Have a great day!


  1. While it's true that this journey is mostly mental, it's also important to find the nutrition plan that works for YOU. This one seems sound, and you actually enjoy it. So l hope it works out for you. :-)

  2. I suspect you're right... it's all about finding a plan you can live with and start living with it!

  3. What is the name of the eating plan your doing? And who is it by? It sounds like its working!! So SHARE with others.......LOL

  4. I've learned for me that I have to switch things up. As I've gotten smaller I've had to eat less food. hmmm..didn't think of that when I started. Also, I personally lose weight better with good fats. When I was eating a very low fat diet my weight loss was slow , when I added in more nuts, olive oil etc..weight loss followed. I think the food plan you follow is very good and I subscribe to the same type of plan . One good suggestion I just heard on Dr. Oz is to pick 2 breakfasts and 2 lunches and just rotate these over and over , so you can get a lot of the planning and prep done. It limits choice too. Keep on keepin on'