Progress of soon to be thinner me....

12 February 2010

Day 42 Quickie

Get your mind out of the gutter.

I don't have a lot of time. As usual, I'm rushing around with little time left before I need to leave for work. I haven't been on these past few days...damned work is cutting into my blogging!

I'd love to say things have been going perfectly, but I've had a few cheats. Little things, but cheats non the less. It's not easy working in a bakery! I am determined though to LOSE weight while doing it...hoping I'll surprise EVERYONE! Yesterday they brought out a new pastry for Saturdays. A Saskatoon berry, cream cheese sort of danish. I told myself I'd try one bite...but that led to two and then three. It's very good! Probably better than both the Pain au Chocolate and the Caramel Apple Brioche put together. Thank god I don't normally work a Saturday.

The good news is I weighed myself this morning and I'm fact...*whispers*...according to my scale, I've hit my 10 pounds! We'll see Sunday. That's when I'll have my official weigh day this week because I'm watching the Olympic Opening Ceremonies at my sister's tonight and staying in the city so that I can shop for a few new things before I'm off to the Olympics! I'm a little apprehensive but excited about the possibily of going down a size AND finding shoes to fit my "little less than square" feet!

I'm watching my cals today so that I don't have to worry to much about tonight. I don't think we're having much as we watch the Opening Ceremonies, but even so, my biggest challenge is when I'm eating at something like that. I'm going to try not to worry so much about calories as I am about portions. Little slowly. The last time I was at her house for a movie night, we made up a bit of an antipasto platter and I swear we all took a few deep breaths and inhaled it in a matter of seconds!

*fingers crossed* for a good Sunday weigh in and good luck on your weigh ins as well!

See you then!


  1. Goodbye 10 lbs! Good riddance! I am so happy for you...the hard work pays off. I can't believe you work in a BAKERY. Oh my, the temptation! I love baked goods- warm from the oven especially. My downfall.

    I hope you have a fab time in Vancouver! I live 20 minutes away in Richmond. My only planned trip to the city is for the Medal Ceremony on Tuesday. Still a lil' scared of the crowds!

    Have fun shopping...hellooooo smaller size!

  2. It's her sister here! We did well Friday night...I think, because, for a wasn't ABOUT the it usually is with our family first, activity second (if even). As we've discussed before...if we all gave as much thought, planning and research and time to exercise and fitness as we all do with food...well...things would be very different!