Progress of soon to be thinner me....

09 January 2010

Daaaaay....Let's see...9...that's it....

I've been away for a few days. I stayed overnight at my sister's on Thursday because it was so bloody cold here that my husband dropped me off at work (because our mostly wonderful Diesel Jetta would never start in this bone chilling weather...not without being plugged in...a luxury I don't have at my work and even then when it's -40C, I don't know that a block heater would keep it warm enough to start it up). So, I stayed the night and he picked me up the next day.

I showed her my blog. My sister AND my niece. Revealing my weight...adding that little weight loss progress bar at the side of this blog seems more daunting than it did before "I came out". But I'll do it. I said I would. Accountability.

I read them a few of my posts and we did a lot of laughing (not that weight loss is a laughing matter, but you have to admit it helps keep you from tearing your hair out). I knew she could relate to a few things I said, after all, it happens to be her husband that's always commenting on how our family evaluates the food we're filling our faces with. In fact, I wish you could have been there for dinner. Hurry Curry (yummy) and the Quick Chickpea Curry in Martha's latest edition of Food. Try it if you have access to's quick and easy and really delicious! Lots of "oh yum" noises coming from all of us...just as I knew there would be.

So today I'll post it. My weight. I'm also going to attempt to count calories this week...or at least for a few days. Something I haven't done for eons. It sounds entirely tedious but maybe I need a reality check when it comes to how much food I'm filling my belly with. In fact, I can't believe how LITTLE cereal a single serving is and I'll admit that this morning I made it two servings because the single size just seemed ridiculously small! 3/4 cup! Add a cup of skim milk and another cup of orange juice to that and I'm already up to 415 calories. I'm not sure what MY required calorie intake for a day should be, I'm about to take a little online survey to find that out. I'm guessing it's going to be more than the recommended 1200 calories we ate in the stone ages when I first attempted weight loss. Actually, that's probably pushing was most likely something crazy...something like 800 cals. I'm old enough and smart enough to know now that that's totally unrealistic. I'm also not willing to starve myself on my road to slimsville. So.....

Time for my snack...a banana and a few almonds and a quick post of my starting weight. How I'm going to enjoy watching the numbers fall!

I just wanted to add...
Seems that to maintain my weight I should be eating 3850 calories a day! Scary to think that I am often eating more than that when those ugly pounds creep upwards. It's suggested to cut 500 cals for a healthy weight loss of pound a week. I'm thinking I can afford two pounds a week. At least this early in the game...what do you think?


  1. Me? I wanted those pounds gone pronto, so I tried to get all those "easy" pounds off quickly. Believe me, once you get closer to goal, they seem to want to hang on for dear life.

  2. Perhaps you're right, but won't cutting back drastically lower my already non-existent metabolism?