Progress of soon to be thinner me....

24 January 2010

Day 24 Weigh Day!

Yes I know. I'm a day late for my weigh in, but I wasn't home yesterday morning and I didn't want to weigh myself in the afternoon because it's always higher than first thing in the morning.

So a loss of 1.5! I know I should be elated but I'm a little disappointed because I had hoped for more! Other than that dinner out I've been so good...exercising every day but yesterday and eating so well!

Do I cut back on my calories? Is it a good idea? I want this to work. I want these pounds to stay off! I'm always reading that two pounds a week is the "right" way to lose but still, I would have preferred a nice BIG loss at the beginning.

Okay...I'm alright with this! In fact, I'm good with it. I'm down. I'm not up. I'm not the same. Slow and steady. I need to keep reminding myself of that. I feel better. I stand taller. I definitely have more energy. I can bound up the stairs at work without huffing and puffing. When I stand at the mirror, almost naked, I can see my tummy isn't quite as big and my shoulders don't seem so round. And here is the most exciting thing...I notice my shoes are loose! Goodbye Barney Rubbles!

I'm off to visualize my new shoes!


  1. A loss is a loss, no matter how small. and 1.5 is great! Its exciting and motivating when you start seeing those little changes! Great job!

  2. The smaller loses give your body time to rebound and bounce back... your skin to not sag so horribly, so YEAH To small loses. Big loses all the time don't give your skin the chance to be elastic. So YEAH to small loses. A loss is a loss and it's always good. :) Taking body measurments helps too when you're feeling like the scale isn't giving you what you think you should be getting. Measurments help you "see" the inches better. :)

    Anyhow... I wish my friends would do dinner parties, sounds like so much fun! BUT let me just say, unless you don't know the host very well, you SHOULD ask about the calorie info... or at least as for the recipe so you can figure it out if they don't know (sparkpeople has a recipe site that will help with this). By explaining that you want to be prepared and stick to your new healthy lifestyle all the while splurging on their wonderful meal is better than saying, sorry i can't eat that or going overboard. If it's someone you don't know... makes it harder to do. But if you know them in any way, I think showing them that you're willing to have a great night, but still do what's good for you (and then you CAN have dessert if you know ahead of time what your calories will be because you can PLAN!! :) and still indulge in foods they have by having the knowledge. it's not like you are saying... ummm... yeah can't eat that don't make it. :)

    Enjoy and have fun with those parties, I'm jealous! :)

  3. well done on the loss.

    thanks for the comments on my blog.

    SYNs are really treats. i do a diet called slimming world

    its based on Green days / Red days and etxtra easy days.

    depending on what days your on there are unlimited free foods, then you have upto 4 healthy choices (stuff like bread milk cheese cereal) then come the treast (known as SYNs short for Synergy)

    hope thats helps a little bit, it can seem like the most complex diet at times but it really is the easiest one i've ever done xxx

  4. Congrats on the loss! The number may not be so big, but the fact that you can already SEE a difference is a bigger accomplishment in my eyes! It's about how you LOOK and FEEL, not about the numbers! (:
    And YAY for new shoes! I LOVE BUYING NEW SHOES! guilty pleasure! Because for the most part.. no matter what your weight.. a shoe always fits!

  5. Just remember you're using the "program" for two pounds a week, that's about what you're going to lose. So, you shouldn't be too surprised!