Progress of soon to be thinner me....

06 January 2010

Day 6 Can it be?

Six days already? Time flies! I haven't stepped on the scale since I've started this journey. Not sure when I will. I will though, admit to feeling better. No more achy legs. Can it really be just a few added pounds that would cause them to do so?

I can't say that I've been perfect, but I am definitely making a conscious effort. Okay, so that extra scoop of homemade mac and cheese probably wasn't necessary but it tasted so good! Sometimes I wish that I hated food...that I was finicky about what I put in my mouth. The fact is I LOVE food! I love to make it. I love eating it. I love pouring over cookbooks and trying new things. So could that be a large part of my of my overeating problem?

I've read about people that eat just for the sake of eating. Not that they love it...just that it keeps them alive. Yes, I want to be one of those people! Or do I? It doesn't sound like much fun. It doesn't sound at all exciting! I mean what can dinner be like with someone like mmmm-ing and ooooh-ing over the food on their plate. No scrutiny! No praise! My family thrives on that! We love to critique what we're eating! Ask my brother-in-law!

So I'll continue to love food. I'll just work at loving the healthy foods. Less fat. Less sugar. Less food. I know it can't be that hard.

Vegetable curry tonight...

P.S. I read something rather insightful today. From the blog of a man that's lost a lot of weight. It's a motivating read.


  1. It's so hard getting this ball rolling, isn't it? Feels like slogging through quicksand. But know that it does get easier if you can stick with it.

    One thing: I'd encourage you to put the numbers up on her and/or pics (blur your face if you're worried). And take measurements now. Later on, when the scale's being ornery, it may help you to see the inches coming off even if the pounds are being stubborn. I weigh in once a week and knowing I've got that date with the scale keeps me accountable for what I'm doing.

    Good luck with your journey, and thanks for the shoutout and the invitation to stop by.

  2. I do know what you mean about food. But I have found that you don't have to give up loving food. I do suggest learning to cook so there aren't leftovers or enough for 2nds if you can. :) LOL It helps when it's a super yummy dish if there's nothing to go back for more. :) hehehehe! It's taken a lot of learning on my part to do that, I still don't know how on some dishes. :) LOL I learned to cook from my dad and he learned from his mom... He was from 7 so can you imagine how I learned and the quantities I learned to cook in. hahahahaa!!
    Anyhow, it's also about going well, do you REALLY need cheese in and on top of the dish? Do you need the cheese... yes a lot of times, OMG YES!! But learning to cook in different proportions of those REAL foods helps a lot. I don't feel I've changed my cooking from YUM to blah much. Ok, these last 6 months YES! But before it was still pretty yummy. Although, there are those recipes that turn out funky. :) LOL
    And I agree with Jack, being accountable with the scale helps. BUT last year I gave myself 1 month of learning before I started dealing with the scale and doing it "for show" But it helps keep you accountable and doing measurments helps you "See" changes the scale isn't reflecting. Even if it's just for yourself. You don't have to post it here and you can even do it on a bi-weekly or monthly basis instead of on a weekly basis. Find what works for you, but you do need a way to know what your hard work is giving you :)