Progress of soon to be thinner me....

10 January 2010

Day 10 Bigger is Sometimes Better

Day 2 of calorie counting and already I'm learning...or at least remembering a few "tricks". I was about to pour my 3/4 cup of Life cereal into my teeny tiny bowl and it suddenly stuck me. I could eat MORE Bran cereal...a full cup...for 10 calories less! More bang for my buck! Course we all know that Bran is better for us, more fiber, less sugar. Remember it's that sugar thing that sets me on some mad binge eating, so less for me is definitely a good thing.

I suppose it never hurts to take a refresher course. Just when I thought I knew it all (remember..."we could be dietiticans!", "We could be nutritional MDs!")

My apologies for showing off...


  1. I know what you mean. I took a hiatus from WW for a few months and now I'm back on. Putting potential food into the recipe calculator and seeing the differences is sobering indeed. I just made some mashed potatoes with way less butter than I would usually eat and they were good! I was shocked -- I expected them to be kind of "meh" without the butter, but they weren't! It was a good lesson for me.

  2. Good morning Sarah! and thank you for the follow!

    I'm finding that eating "healthier" actually does taste better and after a while I don't even miss the fat or sugar. In fact, I remember when I thought it impossible to have my cereal without sugar, including my oatmeal and now I love it. I use blueberries instead. Somehow those little things make me feel very good!

    Lots of lessons to learn for sure! That's what I like about these blogs...we can share them with one another!

    Much success to you!