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19 January 2010

Day 19 Outta Sight....Outta Mind?

I was reading through blogs yesterday (in fact I’m writing this yesterday and saving it to post today because it’s just so thought provoking!) and happened upon a post by Lyn over at Escape From Obesity. It’s all about visual triggers and how to overcome them. Lyn’s own solution has been to avoid reading magazines with unhealthy food in them or moving away from the TV when some fat laden foodie advertisement comes on.

I suppose I also suffer from visual triggers to a degree. I can’t say that seeing a picture of Frito Lays in a magazine makes me want to jump up and eat them…though would I if I had them in the house? That really is the solution, isn’t it? Just don’t have that stuff around. Can I really think of a good reason, why I should have bags of potato chips or a chocolate bar in the house? No. Not ever to be honest. Halloween maybe. But when that bag of chocolate bars sits in this house waiting for trick or treaters to appear, I swear I hear my name being called.

Normally I don’t have that stuff sitting around. Thank goodness! I rarely buy chips unless I’m having people over (the Tostidos I ate the other night were from Christmas). Even then I could make better choices for my guests. I could make pita chips…with a nice low fat Tatziki or a veggie platter (which doesn’t seem to be as popular as it was a few years back?)

I might be 100 pounds overweight but I really do food shop carefully. It’s taken me years to get to this point. Healthy eating magazines and cookbooks are always advising the “pantry clean out”. I’ve never done it per say but years of mostly vegetarian eating, pouring through healthy food mags, choosing recipes from “light” cookbooks and wise food shopping have whittled away at the crap and I’m now left with a pretty nice looking, health conscious, food storage cupboard and refrigerator.

It’s when I’m lined up at the register, waiting for the girl to ring my groceries through that I am aware of just how careful I am about my food choices. As I wait for my broccoli and bananas to pass by, I’m always watching the shopper behind me and noting the bags of frozen fries, dinners in a box, pop, chips, crackers, etc. he/she plunks onto the counter behind me. That was me once.

Never again….

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  1. I laughed when I read how you judge your fellow shoppers! I do the same thing and wonder if those people with all the processed food look at my sensible--from-the-outsides-of-the-store-only--selections are being noted by them. I doubt it! Did the workout this morning. Though I don't feel as though I could die while doing it, it still makes me feel great for the rest of the day.