Progress of soon to be thinner me....

11 January 2010

Day 11 ipods and Calorie Counting

Perfect day! Why? I wish I knew. Why are some days just so easy to stay on track and others a constant battle? Today I didn't even crave...not one tiny bit. Not even while my husband ate handfuls of some snack mix. Nope...not even the slightest desire. I ate everything I had planned to eat. I walked. I tracked each and every calorie.

I didn't drink coffee. Not my usual Nescafe Instant Hazelnut that I often have on my days off...where one leads to another and another still. I've read the label...over and over again. No sugar, even though someone told me it's in there. I'm beginning to think that coffee sets something off in my brain...this trigger that says "eat me" to everything I see. As crazy as that might sound, I really think there's some truth to it. SOMETHING causes me to lose control. God, if I could figure it out I'd be rich!

I did add an app to the ipod my daughter gave me over Christmas. It tracks calories and I'm loving it! Easy peasy and the nicest thing is it's small enough to carry around without the hassle of pens, papers, etc. I plugged my height and both starting and goal weight and it spit out the number of calories I should be eating in a day...with several options. I choose the 2 pounds a week weight loss. I think my heart skipped a beat when it calculated Feb 2011 as my goal date. That really doesn't seem so far away! When I think how quickly 2009 flashed by, 2011 can't be far behind.

I really can do this...One year and counting...


  1. What a cool app!

    I'm new here, I look forward to following your journey :)

  2. Great job! 1 day at a time, that's all it takes. :) And proving to yourself that you can do it! :):):):) Keep it up!

  3. Thanks for the follow Tricia! I've peeked at your blog this morning and I'm now officially a follower. I'm so impressed with your running success as well as your weight loss. Maybe one day you can give me some pointers on starting (running that is). At the moment it just seems so far off!

    Much success to you, I'll keep in touch!

  4. are becoming a very good friend! Thank you so much for your constant encouragement!

    Best wishes for a terrific week!