Progress of soon to be thinner me....

01 January 2010

Day 1 Postive Thinking

I can do that. FYI I do not necessarily want to be a "skinny" girl. NOt skinny like the growing list of self-starved starlets plastered on the pages of every Hollywood gossip mag.

~My "skinny" feels good all the time.
~My "skinny" is healthy. (Thankfully I am I guess what I really want is to stay healthy and live a long healthy life).
~My "skinny" buys her clothes in something other than the "plus sized" sections. Who designs those things anyway? Do they even consider size? Shape? Can you really look good in some audacious, oversized, geometric print that hangs tent-like from your rounded shoulders? Our arms are the same length as everyone else! Why 3/4 length sleeves? Is it too much to ask to cover my entire arm and not leave that little bit of puffy tease peeking from the shoddy hemline of some cheesy fabric?
~Oh! and my "skinny" dreams of putting her socks on each morning without the struggle...without the heavy breathing...without begging Mr. Soontobeskinnygirl to kindly put on her right sock as she teeters precariously on her left leg, because she's got a nagging pulling pain in her hip when she "tries" to cross that leg over her right shin. (I know what you're thinking...shin? not knee? I'm sure you get the picture).
~My "skinny" can cross her legs. At the knee! You have NO idea what a big deal that will be!
~My "skinny" can shop for shoes! Yes, SHOP FOR SHOES! When my feet are anything less than Barney Rubbles, I will shop for shoes because I want to, not because my shabby backless Mary Janes with the velcro strap have seen their last days and in desperation I'm forced to buy myself a new pair. I'll shop for more than ONE PAIR! Shoe choices...I can't even begin to imagine!

That has left me breathless, but in a good way!

More tomorrow.

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