Progress of soon to be thinner me....

21 January 2010

Day 21 No Regrets...

Last night was great! The Moroccan Chicken was incredible. I was right about the couscous. I drank more wine than I planned to. :-( (Of course it wasnt' my fault, they just kept pouring!)

I really have no idea how many cals the chicken dish was. I even searched the web to see if I could get an approximate, but it varied anywhere from 280 to 1000 cals. The chef du jour is pretty health conscious so I'd like to think he was careful about the fats, etc. I was careful about portions, taking about 1/2 cup couscous (in my estimation anyway) and only one serving of the chicken dish. They did have broccoli which was great and basically a free food as far as I'm concerned. My bread went very well with the dinner (it had anise in it which I thought was a little odd but I can see now that it was perfect with the spicyness of the chicken.) I had dessert...why oh why did I do that! Chocolate cake...but just a sliver. I could have done without. It was store bought so nothing too exciting and then he topped it with a small scoop of ice cream which I didn't want. (Yes, I know I could have left it on my plate). I need to stick with my rule about eating the "decandent" things in life. If it's not "the best" quality...if it's a waxy piece of chocolate...skip it...if it's a Callebaut chocolate from France...indulge in a small piece. Easier said then done.

Anyway, I went over my daily allowance. More than I'd hoped. One glass of wine might have kept me just at the top end of my day. I'll keep that in mind for next time. I don't want to beat myself up over this. It really was such a good evening...great company, amazing food...lots of laughs. Surely that's good for my overall well being?

I had calories banked for the week. I've been under every day. In fact, I'm still a little under, though I only guessed at what the chicken dish might have cost me. Today I'll eat light. Tomorrow too. I wanted to exercise when I got home last night but it was late...and I was tired...and too much wine...well, it didn't seem like a good idea.

So lesson learned?
1. If I'm going to drink glass will do (the funny thing is I RARELY drink at all!)
2. Skip the wasn't at all necessary and I'd like to think that had it been bread I hadn't baked, I would have passed it over, but I wanted to see if mine was any good.
3. Dessert...well, honestly that's a no brainer. If it's something light, perhaps a small serving. If it's decadent, then small serving too. If it's store bought or nothing amazing...if it's loaded with fat laden calories...skip it.
4. "No thank you" isn't really that hard to say.'s polite.

This morning is a new day. I've already worked out! Perhaps I'll do it again tonight. Either regrets....I'm back on track!

PS For my sister who'll be reading this... We need to have dinner parties more often! It was so much fun!


  1. Oh, I know this post sooo well! I swear I have written one just like it! lol
    I try my best NOT to have dessert unless its for a special occasion, then I try and split it with someone.........dont drink wine, but I swear the last time I was in Scotland, I drank so much vodka (but the glass was always full!) I like your idea of eating only desserts/foods that are decadent......we dont get those often! lol

  2. Well, I'd chide you for the excess wine, but seeing as I had eight beers last night, I say we just write it off and promise to do better the rest of the week...

  3. Hey, thanks for following my blog..Since I'm catching yours early on I've caught up on your archives. (I have more time on the weekend hours when I can stay up late to find and read new blogs and watch the biggest loser and the dr oz shows that I've recorded). We are "two peas in a pod".

    Just wanted you to know I think your Dinner party was actually a great enjoyed yourself, the company, food/ drink, and you learned a lot. I'm of the same opinion on the dessert thing. I don't want to "waste" my calories and indulgences on something that isn't all that good , but once you get started even on store bought cake it's hard to stop. You are on the right track.

    I'm jealous, I live in the south where snow is rare. I've always wanted to go snow shoeing . I hope you get to do that someday.

  4. You are right! Sounds yummy. And we'll have a skinny dinner party one night soon! If I have it I promise calorie counts will be provided!