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03 January 2010

Day 3 Portion Control

Yesterday went so well. Then last night happened. We were invited to friends and the drinks and goodies got the best of me. Not that I drank much...but one cranberry margarita and 3 mugs of hot apple cider can't be good for me, not to mention the homemade nuts and bolts mix, cheese ball and crackers and cookies. I started off well, and I should know better, because for me it's all or nothing. If I don't eat it, I don't crave it...but when I do...look out! I can't stop. Crazy I know and I wonder how many of you have the same problem. There must be some medical reason for this...surely it's not all willpower?

I watch the thin people I know and see them taking 5 potato chips...yes 5! and stopping at that. My own thin, flat bellied daughter, takes a small bowl, puts a small number of chips in it and that is...that. She stops there. Portion control, she tells me! But do I do it! How can I convince my brain that 5 will do...that 8 is enough? That just might be the bane of my skinny existence!

I've seen it at work. Lunchtime. I've noticed just how little people eat. How the tiny Muslim girl brings a very small plastic container and an equally small amount of stewy dish and eats it slowly. I get the eating slower thing...that's something I can work on...but the tiny portion? Am I still eating too much even when I think I'm being more realistic? Obviously.

So, today I'm going to start measuring. I've done it before. It's amazing just how much rice/pasta a portion consists of. Shame on us as North Americans for filling our plates to overflowing. I can do better!

And I will.

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