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04 January 2010

Day 4 Blech!

Feeling a little "blechy" today. Tired and achy. My legs especially. That sort of throbbing, thickish, achy feeling. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the weight I've put on over the holidays...that and the fact that I think I have varicose veins, though they're nicely hidden under fat. Did I mention that I jumped on the scale yesterday after a long hiatus? Yep, I did. It wasn't good fact, I damned near fainted! But this morning it's not nearly so bad. Perhaps it was water retention yesterday...definitely that horrid mid afternoon weigh in. (I should know better). Anyway, today I'm much the same as I was before Christmas so that is good news. I just feel worse. I've been lazy. I've eaten too much junk.

Spilt milk. I was pretty careful about my food choices yesterday...eating a salad with mixed beans for lunch and black bean burgers for dinner. Bean overload I know, but I love them! I'm pretty sure I ate the recommended daily fiber and then some. The good news...beans have become a huge part of my diet but don't cause me any problems (c'mon, you know exactly what I mean...). I probably shouldn't have eaten so many sweet potato fries though (homemade so I limited the oil I used and baked them in the oven). I wanted to avoid carbs and though I'm not sold on the low carb diet thing, I have noticed that carbs really don't agree with me. Endomorph. Naturally thick. God, that sounds sad. I'm sure there's a willowy wrist under here somewhere! Anyway, it makes perfect sense because Endomorphs are carb intolerant and I find if I can avoid them, I do feel MUCH better. Energetic. Thinner. More alert. So I avoid things like breads, rice and pasta. I still believe fruits are good for me. Potatoes too. I just need to limit the amount I eat. Lecturing to myself. Sometimes I need that.

So today I did 15 minutes of indoor walking (there's the best video on Real Age). I planned to do 30 but the link copped out on me. I'll do it again this afternoon I think. I wasn't feeling particularly spry whilst doing it, but anything is better than nothing, right? I'm also drinking lots of water. That too, makes me feel better. Small steps towards bigger successes.

I really am ready!

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