Progress of soon to be thinner me....

12 January 2010

Day 12 Who knew?

Day 4 of tracking my actual food calories and it's been a huge eye opener! I especially love the app on the ipod, it has a little bar showing me where to "stop". So far things have been good, though I'm really watching what I eat, which I've come to realize is considerably less than I would normally eat. Today for example. Breakfast consisted of 1 cup all bran, 1 cup skim milk and a glass of orange juice. I had a mid morning snack...1 clementine and 10 roasted almonds. Lunch was a cup of baby spinach, 1 cup of mixed canned beans (I love them!) and 1 tbsp. of my favourite dressing. For dinner I'm having a Curried Spinach and Pea Soup, 1/2 naan and a Cucumber Peanut Salad, and a glass of skim milk. That's fact eating all that my caloric count for the day is slightly over but I plan to walk my thirty minutes and then I'll be left with a few calories to play with if I should decide to do so.

I'm not really eating much in the way of grains and I know those are important to a healthy diet. Tomorrow I'll have rice for dinner and I suppose the bran and naan count for today. I think next time I'll sprinkle some wheat germ or something on my salad or perhaps the chia seeds I bought but am afraid to eat? As I said before, I'm not at all in favour of a no-carb diet but I really do feel so good when I avoid them...or at least when I limit what I do eat. My head feels clearer and it's just "too" easy to follow my plan. I hate to say that, but honestly no cravings again today! No coffee. No sugar. Less bread.

Maybe I'm on to something?

Work tomorrow. I need to plan my meals and snacks tonight so I'm prepared. I also need to make a point of having snacks between my meals. I'll take a protein smoothie in the morning and maybe I'll cut my lunch a little short so I can take a little break mid afternoon for some carrots and nuts. All in all I'm pretty confident the day will go well!!! I'll let you know!


  1. Hi, I read your comment on Sean's blog. Isn't he just the best?!

    Sounds like you and I are on similar nutritional plans. After I cut out sugar and flour, I lost most of those food cravings. Now I am learning to deal with the REAL issue for me, emotional eating.

    There really isn't such a critter as totally "no carb" actually, since most veggies even have some carbs. I am on a sort of lower carb approach, and it works great. I don't eat cereal any more for breakfast, since it converts to sugar in the body really fast and makes me hungry too soon, and keeps up the cravings for MORE sugar, LOL! But there are so many other things to choose from.

    Oh, and I have a lot of links to chia seed recipes. Love those little chias! :-) I make a great little chia seed flatbread in a cast iron skillet, when I am in the mood for bready type stuff. Yummo! You probably already know, but the one thing to remember is, drink lots of water when eating chia seeds.

    Anyway, welcome to the blogging world! If you want any lower carb recipes sites, just shoot me an email, I'll be glad to pass them along. Or check the sidebar on my site, it has links to lower carb support and info sites, along with my favorite recipes.
    Best of success to you on your journey!

  2. I'm reading The End of Overeating right now and it's a real eye opener about how salt, fat and sugar just create a vicious cycle of craving, and that's exactly been my experience.

    Good for you for cleaning up your act!

  3. Thanks Jack! I'm going to look up that book! I think it's exactly what I need!

  4. It's your sister! I love reading your know I support you fully in this and if you ever need me, I am AVAILABLE. After reading the last two days though, I think I can diagnose your current illness. I am pretty sure your headache and nausea today is caffeine withdrawl...hang in there, it takes a good week...and drink lots of water.